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Just try one bite

As a kid, I was frequently commended for my superior eating abilities.  I’d often hear “that Abby, she’s a good eater!” & beam with 6-year old pride. Even when I didn’t fully live up to my reputation, I was usually willing to acquiesce to a parent or grandparent’s insistence that I “just try one bite.”  Pretty safe course of action; there’s no huge commitment there because if you don’t like it, you can spit it out & be done.  This week, I tried to take at least one bite out of several new things.

I got myself on twitter & got reacquainted with myspace after reading many marketing tip lists which all agreed that these tools are important for marketing a small online business.  (As a side note, I was delighted to find that myspace had restored messages to my inbox that had previously ‘expired’ when they used to have a 90-day message lifespan policy.  This meant I was able to re-read several messages that my now-husband had sent me several years ago when we had just re-located each other.  Fun!)  I still don’t totally understand the point of twitter, & it has not become something I feel compelled to check, but I imagine it will dawn on me at some point similarly to the way facebook did. I tried out a couple different thingies* in the hopes of managing all these accounts (including my wordpress blog) in one nice, neat space.  Hootsuite, bleh.  TweetDeck, meh, a little better, but no luck settling on anything so far.  I just have far too many accounts to find a tool that can do it all.  And I don’t see the advantage of having a different system to manage 3 accounts, another that takes care of 2 or 3 more, then the others still requiring the old fashioned web login.  Plus I need something that allows me to switch between different computers & OSes.  What I need to find (or some tech-brainiac needs to invent) is something that allows one to add accounts from unlimited urls.  I’d even settle for having a separate browser window with my own custom tabs that would allow me to enter all my login information once at set up & from then on sign in automatically to the 6-10 different sites I’ll supposedly need to keep up with on a daily or weekly basis.  Oh, and it needs to be free of course.  I have a feeling that google chrome might be on its way there.  I do love that I can set as many tabs to open automatically at start up…but trying to remember all those logins at 9AM on top of the 4-6 I have to keep track of for work systems (ridiculous!) is a rather stressful way to begin the day.

In crafty-news, I have been working on a golden-color, honeycomb cable hat, debating how best to handle the decreases & what embellishments it will eventually rock.  I’m thinking a black bow, to evoke the bee without tumbling down into stripes or antennae cliche.  Being only my second attempt at this particular design, it has a few minor flaws, most likely unnoticeable to the non-knitter, but glaring to my own eye.  This made me think that perhaps when my shop finally opens, I will have a section of practice items & first-runs that will be sold at discounted prices.  This way regular people who don’t mind a wrong twist or turn in one of 30+ cables can capitalize while I simultaneously avoid feeling guilty for selling less than perfect finished products since they’ll be a pretty good deal, all things considered.   I also started on an i-cord scarf which is knitting up nice & quickly.  I’m trying to brainstorm other i-cord projects because they’re wonderfully easy & fast, but to no avail so far.  I have been daydreaming about felt embellishments for knits as well as felt-only accessories, too, but so far haven’t gotten my feet wet there.  I think I’ll need to get a book on hand sewing techniques & embroidery from the library soon.

I jumped on a yarn sale today & look forward to the inspiration of new colors & textures.  I’ll try to get some in-progress pictures up soon.


*vague word used due to lack of knowledge of proper techno-terminology

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