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New friends & the generosity of coworkers

This week I finally finished a successful honeycomb ear-warmer/cowl and realized that I needed to figure out where and how best to photograph finished pieces once they are done.  Since I am fortunate enough to work on the same floor as the fashion design classes are held, it occurred to me that perhaps during downtime, the mannequins might have nothing better to do than help me out with this endeavor…however, I wasn’t sure whether there were any with heads–I had mainly run across dress forms, rather than full fledged mannequins.   So I emailed the department assistant and no more than 10 minutes later she appeared at my door with my two new friends pictured below!

My own personal supermodels

Get ready to see a lot more of them (in the abbsquake storefront, that is)!  I am nearly finished with a second identical honeycomb ear-warmer/cowl which will soon be available for sale.

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5 thoughts on “New friends & the generosity of coworkers

  1. Do they have names yet?

  2. The chick looks like a Purl to me 🙂

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