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Slowly but surely…

Before I get to the topic at hand, I have to first mention that I can never say the word “surely” without a certain childhood memory popping into my head.  Marlys, the mother  of my best friends growing up had a sister named Shirley and anytime the word was uttered in their company, someone would reply “No.  Marlys!”

At any rate, I am primarily writing simply to note that since my last post I created my fan site on facebook & received a humblingly large number of fans within a matter of hours, such that I was able to secure my vanity url in no time!  I was therefore able to finally complete my business card design & get those ordered.  I also ordered stickers for securing the tissue paper wrapping and am now in the process of trying to find recycled & recyclable tissues paper & mailing envelopes in affordable & manageable quantities so far with not the greatest amount of luck.  Storage is a limiting factor for me at the moment.  Last weekend I spent a frustrating amount of time trying to find cotton twill tape in order to make fabric tags ala an ingenius method I found online using transfer paper.  One would think in a city like Chicago it would be no problem…think again.  I went to a gargantuan & frightening fabric store in Pilsen, arriving with an inconveniently full bladder, and searched the several square miles of fabric-etc., finding just about anything and everything BUT twill tape.

I hurried home & promptly visited and was lucky enough to find a code for free shipping for a certain purchase amount which justified the purchase of additional (sale) yarn (score!).  So as soon as that bundle arrives I can get the tags made & hopefully by then I will have figured out what to do about mailing supplies…

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2 thoughts on “Slowly but surely…

  1. was this the “scary” place you were telling me about? i think i would easily get creeped out! at least the fabric colors are bright:)

  2. yes- it was endless & definitely creepy in certain parts!

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