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Hiatus – Almost Over?

I’ve been on a bit of a knitting, blogging, abbsquaking hiatus for the last month or so while we’ve been traveling, and working our butts off readying our condo for market. But a couple of nice knitting-related things happened during that time. We visited my fantastic in-laws in Southern California who bestowed upon me a large number of zippered plastic bags, perfect for yarn storage! And during our home improvements, we acquired a swanky new bedframe that allows under-bed storage, which gave me a good excuse to invest in 3 under-bed boxes to hold a lot of my knitting stuff (a smart suggestion of our realtors when I initially expressed concerns that I would have to put off abbsquake developments indefinitely while the condo awaits a buyer). So I am slowly getting my knitting groove back. I started (and already messed up) a cotton string bag, which upon successful completion will rock the farmers markets from Chicago to San Diego! I’m looking forward to fixing it this weekend & then knitting up a whole bunch. I may also make a more concerted effort this spring/summer to learn crochet. If anything, this particular project has reignited that flame as I know such a thing would go much faster via that method than knitting. I also have several friends with babies on the way who have expressed interest in blankets & frankly knitting blankets is not for me. Crocheting blankets; however, is something I’d love to do.

More to come soon!

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