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Risky Bid’niss

I started this post waaaay back in April & just today realized I had not published it yet…

When you become an Etsy seller (even if you’re not immediately selling anything), you’ll receive email newsletters, each of which has an almost overwhelming amount of information (…at least for the full-time outside employed gal trying to start an online business on the side, keep up with her running, intellectual pursuits, and start yoga, and oh yeah- get sufficient sleep so as not to become a statistic of some sort) this article suggested by daniellexo on Etsy framed the concept of risk in a way I hadn’t thought about before.  I often chide myself for not being “braver” & inviting risk into my life in ways that seem big enough to me…but I like this notion that nobody follows an entrepreneurial urge because they enjoy the risk involved.  The reasons and motivations for such a move can be fundamentally based on the careful weighing of pros & cons & ultimately deciding that the pros outweigh the certain cons & the risk of the potential cons.  I think about this a lot.  I don’t know if there is any way that knitting could be a route to pursue freedom from the M-F / 9-5 work regime, but for now it is what I do on the side. I do harbor the hope that at some point, even if only in the distant future, the pros will outweigh the cons & the risks for me to take that leap, too, though by then perhaps I will have found something more cost/time-effective than knitting.  I’m open to the possibility that this is just a step towards finding what I could feasibly do for income, as knitting often can only return $6-$10/hour at best, unless you end up knitting solely with luxury yarns for a very elite and dedicated clientele [I digress…].  This article was uplifting for me in its perspective on risk because it says to me that I don’t have to be someone I’m not: a bold, brave taker of wild risks.  I can just be a woman with a flexible and careful plan, follow it, and still be successful at something that is meaningful and satisfying for me.

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