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And now for something…completely different

As you may have noticed (or not), I haven’t been very cyber-active with the AbbsQ blog, nor facebook page as of late. After contemplating why? briefly, I’ve come up with two primary reasons:

1) I started this blog with the narrow intent to gab about what I was knitting, designing (for knitting), and/or learning with regard to selling knitted things on Etsy or Artfire. This gets a little boring, unless you are ME pursuing it firsthand, or someone just a step behind me with an identical goal. I mean look at my header…it doesn’t leave a lot of room for me to discuss things other than knitting does it?

2) I’ve discovered lately that the more I try to channel my love of knitting into a business/production vein, the less I enjoy it: RED FLAG! I don’t think I want to knit 30 market bags. Especially because I don’t think anyone wants to pay $80-100 for one (but hey, if you do, let me know!) which is approximately what I would need to make it cost-effective business-time-wise.  (If you’re sportin’ one now, it’s because you’re purdy dern special!  And if you aren’t, don’t worry, you’re still special, I just haven’t had time to knit you up a bag.) Anywho, more I think about it, the more it seems to me that knitting (for me) is more a labor of love, or quickly becomes a sort of enslavement (potentially nice paycheck, but 13+ hour days 7 days a week = stress, not fun).

This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do something Etsy-esque- I do!  It just means I am finding that knitting many of the same thing is not the way I’m going to be doing it.  I still love the idea of taking custom orders & will probably be posting listings with that caveat soon. (For my approximately 47th parenthetical notation: for some reason, there’s something far more enjoyable about knitting a custom order than knitting preemptively with no specific person in mind…maybe that’s all just ego, but it’s more fun when I know that the the thing I’m working on has a loving home from the very first stitch.)  Over the 4th of July weekend, a rather ingenious suggestion was made by my SIL’s MIL…we’ll call her G’ma Sol, how ’bouts?  After seeing photos of the Market Bag in action, she suggested selling the patterns.  Hello!  G’ma Sol, you are brilliant!  My initial gut reaction was that pattern sales were really more the domain of expert knitters, but after some thought, I realized that with tools like Ravelry & Etsy & Artfire out there, it’s incredibly easy to post & sell single patterns.  Granted if you have name recognition from, say, being a prolific, expert, published knitter/designer/author, you’ll likely do better, but there’s really no reason not to give it a shot.

So anyway, back to item 1):  I’m going put some thought into a revamp of my header to open up this blog for a greater variety of topics, so I don’t absolutely disappear when I set the needles down for a few days…er…months(!).  Current ideas for future topics: foooooooood(!), funny stuff, craftastic finds, yoga, a few of my favorite things ala Oprah…AND… since this post has actually turned out to be all about knitting & etsy & whatnot, I’ll quickly fulfill the title with something that’s actually completely different: Goats!

Awesome, adorable, money-saving, entertaining, environmentally friendly, ‘weed-whacking’ goats.  And, while we’re on goats, here’s what I’m making for dinner tonight: Baked Zucchini with Goat-Cheese.  We’ll be doing the sans-mint, w/garlic version, pairing with a slightly effervescent Portuguese vinho verde.  By the way, “effervescence” (read: not sparkling) is my newly discovered favorite quality in a summery white wine.  To take the bourgeois tone down a notch, I’ll also share that it’s something I bought purely for its pretty label & low-low price in Apple Valley, MN. Cheers!

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