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That was fast…

So just two days after taking the ‘business pressure’ off the knitting, I’ve got almost half of a new project done.  I must also credit a lovely friend from my knitting group who hosted a fun, relaxing, and knitting-productive gathering on Saturday.  I don’t know if I should reveal exactly what it is or who it’s for yet, but it just might be destined for Duluth, MN…

Almost halfway done!

In unrelated news, sadly the Baked Zucchini with Goat Cheese flopped.  I might try it again, but next time, there will be salt & pepper involved, way more garlic, and (if you plan to attempt it yourself I highly recommend) the cutting of a wedge into each zucchini instead of just making a slit like the recipe instructed. (Or does “slit” = “wedge” & I just messed up?)  At any rate, the slits did not provide enough room for sufficient goat-cheesage.  The result was very plain tasting zucchini (which isn’t all bad if you like zucchini, but not exactly what we were hoping).  I also think this would be better roasted quickly at a higher temp or grilled (which the recipe does suggest).  At the moment, we don’t have access to grilling, due to lack of yard & lack of storage to accommodate a recently used grill (we do; however, own an adorable little grill!).  So I’ll be tucking this one away for the future.

The Recipe Photo- Pretty tempting, right?

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