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Mystery knit…and other stuff

Knitting progress slowed again as things got rather busy during out-of-work hours and with weekend visitors (the latter being the better reason to set down a project temporarily).  Two weeks ago, 12 of my cousin-in-laws & significant others came to town & we all rented a house (er, mansion, actually) together about 10 miles north of where we live.  It was a blast!  We got to cook on a bright red aga, relax in the pool, play some games, check out a great thai restaurant, & catch up.  Hank also got to spend some quality time in the pool, and we happened upon a huge dog beach one morning during an exploratory jog…  Check this out:

I'm responsible for the black streak you see bee-lining for the water

Last weekend, my sister visited which gave me the opportunity to do a few Chicago-style things I hadn’t gotten around to doing yet…  Such as visiting the top floor of one of our very tall buildings.  We thought about the Sears (I will never refer to it as Willis) Tower, but I’d heard that the view is actually better from the John Hancock.  So we headed up there.  I got a little nervous in the elevator on the way up, partly due to the fact that she & I had gotten stuck in the elevator in my building, along with 4 other people, when she arrived Thursday afternoon (a first for both of us). I should mention that the observation deck at the J.H. has a $15 admission charge.  I think that might include some sort of audio-guided architectural/historical information if you’re into that. We decided however that we were more into foofy drinks, so we opted to visit the 96th lounge instead and spend $13 on a very pretty martini,  10% of the proceeds from which are donated to their charity of the month, which was an architectural society. (You know, it’s tough, but we try to do our part!)  We were fortunate enough to get a table right next to the window (eep!  that took some getting used to…) and spent a little while enjoying the amazing view.

Enough to make you dizzy x 2!

Then she showed us a side of Chicago we’d never explored…well, technically she showed us Oak Park, but my feeling is that if it’s on a CTA line, it’s still Chicago, regardless of whether it’s a 606– zip or not.  We made a stop at the Buzz Cafe where they offer gluten free bread or tortillas for all their sandwiches(!!!).  Her friend’s husband, Carlos Barberena‘s exhibition at Expression Graphics was closing, so we went to check that out & it was awesome! I really loved his work & we met some great people, drank some wine, had a print demonstration, and guess who one the raffle: yo!  Here are some pictures from that:

What I won- "Esperanza" - yeah!

The artist at work

So on to the knitting…  After my sister left (on a very tardy MegaBus), and several chores were done, I pulled up the Anne of Green Gables audiobook & got back to work on my mystery project.  [I have to add here, as it amuses me to no end: My husband is now not only tolerating the Anne of Green Gables audiobook, but actually taking an active interest and has all but asked me directly not to proceed with the story in his absence…] Anyway, back to knitting, I’ve realized it’s hard to blog about a lot of the knitting projects I’m working on in real time: they are destined to become gifts; surprise gifts.  And, as many of my readers are the intended recipients, I have to be careful not to let the cat out of the proverbial bag.  At any rate, by now this one might be quite obvious especially when I divulge that I accidentally skipped one row in this uber-easy pattern and ended up with a front panel way over at the end of a sleeve instead of at the shoulder where it should’ve been.  So I had to rip out & do that part over.  Honestly I wasn’t too disappointed as it gave me an excuse to continue on with Anne of Green Gables…

Upside-down something-or-other for so&so...

Looking forward to a quiet weekend of avoiding Lollapalooza…& enjoying this snarky Jim DeRogatis take on the event.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery knit…and other stuff

  1. The getaway sounds like great fun! I love AGAs, by the way.

    I’m passing on Lollapalooza, too, although we are seeing Blitzen Trapper at Lincoln Hall tonight.

  2. amanda on said:

    Ha! I love the pic of Hank:)

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