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French Toast & Lady Gaga

After a failed attempt to locate a restaurant in Chicago that offers gluten free french toast, I caved & made it myself, loosely following this recipe, though I used a splash of buttermilk & skipped the powdered sugar. In a word, it was awesome. It gave the house an aroma reminiscent of autumn and/or Christmas, surprisingly. Here, have a peek at the results:

Easy as 1-2-3, except our syrup is hard to pour moderately...

In spite of my multiple public declarations that I would be avoiding Lollapalooza, Mr.Quake & I couldn’t resist trying to sneak a peak at Lady Gaga who was performing on the stage closest to our side of Grant Park last night.  We brought the dog which I thought might not be the best idea, but as it turned out, he was our ticket past the blockade–the security guard was kind enough to usher us through so we could get to the dog park.  The dog park has an exit on the other side, so we were able to get to a position 2 whole blocks closer where we could actually view the entire stage (over a seemingly endless row of port-a-potties, very glamorous!). I’d post a picture, but none of them turned out very well. After about the 6th song, fireworks began.  This was not the most serendipitous turn of events for our 4-legged friend, so we didn’t stay long after that.

In other (food-related) news, I decided yesterday that I was sick of having to look up old recipes in several separate online accounts, as well as saved bookmarks & document folders on the three different computers I regularly use.  So I started googling & found a couple of solutions, one of which is a site called Cute name, graphically plain & simple, & so far devoid of annoying ads like those you see on & similar sites. I’m not sure if there are other, potentially more efficient options out there, but so far I like this concept the best.  Here’s the first recipe I entered (which I also just tried for the first time yesterday…though I took my own detour of course!):

Screenshot of a recipe in

Here are the things I love so far: All the recipes will be in the same format & can be tagged to your liking.  For instance if you might consider something originally categorized as a side to be a main dish instead, you can tag it as such.  You can upload a photo of your choice, either snagged from the original source or from your own culinary experience.  You can share recipes, although I haven’t explored this functionality yet. And number one: Everything in ONE place, accessible from any computer anywhere with internet access! Sidebar: it would be great if google itself had one.  I’ve seen some are tweaking their reader for this purpose, but then you’re limited to sources that have rss feeds available, there’s really no way to add your own custom or printed recipes (unless you publish them to your own blog & subscribe), and frankly my google reader is already overwhelmingly chock full of other stuff… But, speaking of “overwhelming,” the thought of copying & pasting & uploading pictures & tagging all the recipes I already currently have is a little, shall we say, daunting. I asked dear Mr.Quake if he might be willing to help out with this effort as he’s one who can occupy himself for hours with a project like cleaning up individual song files in itunes, adding the right album art, etc. He replied “Sssssssure.”

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3 thoughts on “French Toast & Lady Gaga

  1. Just a follow up re:… I just tried to copy/paste recipe information from an page and it’s a nightmare. You have to select each line individually and they must have line breaks inserted. I’m not sure if this means I’ll be scrapping the whole project yet…I’ll keep you posted! :oP

    • Wait…I spoke too soon! If you click on the “print” option in allrecipes, you can easily select the text from the print view page (without printing) and it will be reformatted without issues in onetsp. Whew!

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