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A great first year with Mr.Quake

Here we go, to many happy years together

card + card = ♥


Superior Whitefish

We spent our first anniversary date at Nightwood, coincidentally ordering meals very close to what we served at our wedding reception, although this version was kicked up a notch (or two) :)…

They say time flies when you’re having fun & year one has definitely flown by at warp speed. Mr. Quake is an amazing man with a great big heart and a sense of humor that keeps my stomach muscles in top shape from laughter. I feel incredibly blessed & look forward to many more happy years with my favorite Mr!

(For a few more photos & a fantastic MN photographer, check out Ashley J Tyler Photography)

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One thought on “A great first year with Mr.Quake

  1. Sister, great pictures and wonderful memories of one year ago! So happy for you both to have the other.

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