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Bad Luck Blazer


I bought a wool suit jacket before we moved to Maine last year, for job interviews. In Chicago, several years before I went through all of my interviews without a jacket & apparently had no trouble securing employment, dressed simply in a button down shirt and black pants. But the first position I applied for in Maine was a couple steps above my current level, so I felt I needed to kick it up a notch. I bought a charcoal blazer from J.Crew and proceeded to interview in it… I did not get that job. I was also rejected for another position for which I felt the interview went exceptionally well and for which I was very well qualified, even if the pay was several steps below what I was seeking.

Since then, I have received only rejections (5 in all) after interviewing in this jacket. The only affirmative responses I have received over the last 12 months followed 1) an interview to which I wore a purple sweater & black pants, and 2) a would-be offer, had I not moved prior, after a follow up interview* wearing the same black pants & a pink button down shirt.

*Long story short: Was rejected for the original position sought (interviewed in offending jacket). Was then contacted for a lower level position for which I interviewed without the jacket & far later received an offer.

So…what do you think? Is it that I don’t need a jacket at all for interviewing? I have to say, I do hate wearing them, especially with a button down shirt underneath – it feels awkward, like the layers of collar are fighting with each other for crisp edges & nobody is winning. Or is this particular one just cursed? Is it that it’s charcoal & not black (i.e. not “serious” enough)? I’d love to hear any suggestions or professional fashion advice…

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One thought on “Bad Luck Blazer

  1. I’d ditch the jacket, at this point it sounds like a curse:) Stick with what has worked for you in the past.

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