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Abbsquake’s Gluten Free Vegan Cheese Sauce

Well it’s down to the wire on day 3 of my endeavor to post daily. It was a busy day in that I was away from the computer for most of it, so therefore instead of posting something brilliant and poignant (like all my other posts, har har har), I am posting a random recipe that our household has come to know by heart & love. I would say it’s approaching “staple” status in our refrigerator especially as it pairs so nicely with our almost constantly available supply of black beans & rice…if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll post that recipe some day. It involves a slow cooker. You can’t go wrong there.

Anyway, on to the cheese (or cheeze or chreeze or whatever you want to call it)…


½ c nutritional yeast flakes
½ c all purpose gluten free flour (or garbanzo flour)
1 c almond milk (unsweetened, no vanilla)
1 c water (feel free to add more to desired level of sauciness towards the end)
¼ c olive oil (you can also use 3-4 tbsp of vegan butter instead)
2 tsp salt (or to taste)
½ tsp dry mustard powder
1 tsp garlic powder or granules


Put all dry ingredients in a pot & whisk together. Slowly add liquid ingredients, whisking to prevent/break up lumps. Heat over medium until sauce begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Use for whatever right away or store in the fridge. Some liquid will separate when refrigerated, so just mix it all back together. Lumps are also inevitable as it cools, but will smooth out when reheated.

Eat Up!:

Drizzle over nachos (YUM!) & super nachos (which are like nachos only with way more stuff on ’em), macaroni & cheeze, us as an alfredo sauce, make a thicker version (use indicated or slightly less water) to use as a sandwich spread, delicious cheeze sauce served over veggies… I’m sure there are many other uses, too. Whoa, maybe it could even be used as a fondue? Oh, and I’ve used it as a topping for a vegan lasagna before with good results.

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