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Times of Clouds & Sun

I’ve been using Accuweather for all of my regular forecasting needs for a number of years. I’ve never thought very hard about it, but every time I see a prediction in the form of the above – Times of clouds & sun or the like, I can’t help but feel like the site is going deeper than the weather – metaphorically letting me know that though there may be difficult moments in the coming day, week, or even month (clouds, rain, sleet, scattered t-storms), that there will also be bright shining moments of ease & happiness. Often, after seeing a forecast summary like the one above, Little Orphan Annie starts singing the sun’ll come out tomorrow… on repeat in my head as I go about my day.

And accurately enough, that was exactly how today was. There were times of clouds and times of sun, literally and figuratively. I became a Costco member today. Executive. Ooo-la-la. It was a cloudy time. The Costco-world around me felt harried, overcrowded, irritable, lacking. Amongst the endless stream of carts & obstacles, piles of pleated Dockers & towering shelves of diapers, I found myself wondering what is the point of all of us…i.e. 7 billion of us? [Perhaps I have a touch of 2012 syndrome.]Even the exciting ginormous bags of organic quinoa and choice of two different types of gluten free crackers could not dissipate the fog that had descended.

But I also had moments of fun, laughter, kisses courtesy of Mr. Quake & our 4-legged fur-child. There was good food from my mom’s trusty crock pot + my elbow grease + culinary creativity. And that most satisfying of luxuries: a hot shower with that feeling of entitlement that follows a 5.5 mile run around a lake in January in Minnesota (albeit not a typical MN January – 34 degrees – seriously?!)

We’re in a transitional moment right now & very time I turn around it seems there is some new unknown that makes me want to tuck my head & barrel through this phase of life as fast as possible. I find myself wanting to just get through it & out of it & get back to “reality.” So I work to continually remind myself that this is reality – that these are our days & that each one of them will have times of clouds and sun.

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