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That’s right, folks. You may have thought up ’til now that your sister was pretty special, but believe me, she’s nothing compared to this girl. It’s not a competition, you say? You’re right, but my sister still manages to win by a long shot – that’s just how great she is. She tolerated years of tickle-torture, dutifully obeyed “no-no” labels on all the toys & games, put up with inhumane nick names, hand-me-downs, room-sharing with a moody pre-teen big sister & still managed to find it in her heart to be nothing but pure awesome to me. Oh & that includes the shamefully recent (within the last decade) incident that happened while we were thrift shopping together. I found a mug that said “#1 Sister” on the side, showed it to her, & after realizing by her touched look that she thought I intended to give it to her, had the gall to explain that I intended to keep it for my own goofy mug collection.

To borrow from Tina Fey: I’m the worst.

I’ve had the privilege, honor, comfort, & joy of a sister for 27 years today. Sis, it’s your birthday, but I thank you for this amazing gift.

[Rest assured, the mug has since made its way to its rightful owner.]

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