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Art Shanty!

Hopped over to Art Shanty on Medicine Lake today with my brother & SIL this afternoon. FUN. It warms my heart and soul that so many spend time, money, and presumably both literal and figurative blood, sweat, and tears creating these things. It speaks to the strength of the artist’s soul – managing to bring forth this bright spot in arguably the most depressing part of a Minnesota winter. It is essentially an artsy village of forts upgraded to adult levels of sophistication, scattered around a patch of lake ice. Visitors can enter them (they are cozy) and take part in whatever the theme or concept the creator has manifested into shanty-form. Performance and interactive art forms abounded. The Ice Cycles shanty offered a variety of bikes, both standard and uniquely modified for participants to test-ride around the frozen lake. I was almost run over by one bolted to some cropped cross country skis in lieu of a front wheel. I watched another gracefully glide by with a lone figure skate mounted to the fork. The Dance Shanty offered an all-day party. Monsters Under the Bed shanty was pretty hilarious, with monster appendages operated from inside which protruded through through the walls and attacked passersby outside. Quakebro squelched out a lovely toot from a whoopie-cushion-upholstered chair as he seated himself beneath a quartet of prints depicting butts in the appropriately named: Naughty Shanty. When we visited the SALT High School shanty, a teacher from the school was knitting a dog sweater…which gave me an idea for a possible shanty of my own in some future year! Anyone want to make an early donation to kNitTin’ sHanTy…2013? 2014?

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