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Learning new things 1-24-11

In thinking about employment & imagining possible back up plans if my bright, shiny new job does not come through as promptly as I have been hoping, it dawned on me that my brother had the ability (and possibly a little bit of time) to train me in the barista arts. My food service experience is rather limited – I filled soda cups and popcorn bags at a movie theatre for a summer way back in like…1996. So, Tuesday, I joined him at the coffee shop that makes up part of his professional realm & began to learn how to make drinks. It is challenging & I got to feel that sort of novice-stupidity at times, despite the nice slow pace of the patronage. I really enjoyed it, though & I can see it just takes time & practice to get the rhythm down & also to memorize the components of each drink. For the most part, I have always been a simple black coffee person myself, so I’ve never studied the intricacies of the fancier concoctions. Here’s what I made on Tuesday:

Decaf soy mocha

White chocolate mocha

Regular mocha

Chai latte w/ a shot of espresso

Cafe au lait

Raspberry white chocolate mocha w/ whip

Hazelnut latte

Sugar-free vanilla chai latte

Chai latte


Lemon Italian soda

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One thought on “Learning new things 1-24-11

  1. and a fine job you did too!

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