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Green = Gold

My inlaws live in avocado country. Last September when they were preparing to come visit us in Maine, my mother in law asked if there was anything specific that we’d like them to bring us from Southern California. I replied that I couldn’t think of anything & then jokingly added: Unless you feel like filling up an extra carry-on with peaches & avocados & strawberries. East Coast peaches had been sorely disappointing, & we had found the latter fruits to be exceptionally expensive after we moved there. After they arrived & we had put their bags in the bedroom, she entered the kitchen & presented me with a large bag brimming with avocados. It was like Christmas morning for a 5 year old. For months we had carefully rationed out small portions of our scant avocado supplies & it never really occurred to us to be decadent enough to do what we promptly did with part of this rare bounty: made some amazing guacamole!

On our most recent trip to their neck of the woods, as we were re-packing for the flight home, my father in law appeared in the guest room doorway with two huge bags of avocados from the stand at the bottom of the hill & instructed me to find room in our bags. Yes, sir! & Thank you, sir! They are delicious & ripe & adorably sized. We each had two at lunch today & are working to consume them with before they extend beyond ripeness as I cannot bear the thought of wasting a single one. I brought some over to my sister’s this evening & we quickly set to work making a huge bowl of guacamole & thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of not carefully rationing. I may gain a pants size or two before all is said & done ( 🙂 ), but I will not regret a single bite.

Avocados remind me that abundance is about perception. They are gold to me in many more ways than one. There’s the superficial aspect that they just plain cost a lot if you don’t live on the mountains where they grow them, sure. Then there’s the incredible nutrition & health benefits they provide. But for me, there’s also the connection to the SoCal sunshine, time spent with family there, the experience of their generosity, love, and laughter. We brought two big bags of all of that back with us & get to share it with those we love here. You might think it’s a stretch, but this green certainly shines like gold to me.

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