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Skipped a Beat

Maybe you have this problem, too. You read a really fantastic book – spend hours with it in bed, or snuggled up on the couch. You don’t want it to ever end. But inevitably it does. Sometimes it’s so good that you almost need to grieve for awhile before you can start a new book, because it’s hard to appreciate what that book has to offer when you are still clinging to all that the previous book was.

That’s how I’m feeling about The Red Tent by Anita Diamant right now. My cousin recommended it to me years ago. I kept meaning to read it, but somehow was never able to find it at the library until I moved back to Minnesota. It was captivating (!!!!!). The characters are so alive & the events so engaging & the traditions so interesting that I had a hard time putting it down at night to go to sleep. It transcends the whole “chick lit” thing, despite being unabashedly female-focused. Mr. Quake has picked it up & seems to be nearly as drawn into it as I was. That said, I will proudly admit that Mr. Quake is not your average “dude.” Of course I’m biased, but I’ll go ahead & just say it: he’s especially awesome & that may be part of the reason that he’s reading it, rather than its literary merit alone.

I finished it a few days ago & have been working on the next book on my book club’s list which I know is also great, but very different. And I don’t think I’m quite over The Red Tent just yet… I may just have to fill the gap with a fluffy rebound book – like the last half of Knit Two or something. No offense intended, Ms. Jacobs.

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