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hello, yoga, my old friend

I’ve been putting off re-starting a yoga home practice for (way too many) weeks now for a variety of reasons – perceived lack of space, lack of quiet time alone, a proliferation of dog hair that would surely coat my mat no matter how diligent my vacuuming. Well today, enough became enough(!!!). I’m not sure exactly why today was the day, because I have been thinking about it for many days, but none of those thoughts resulted in space in my day & or sprung me into action. It may have been the extra little inspiration I received via the status message of a friend who began her yoga instructor training in Portland, Maine this weekend (thank you!). Whatever it was, I dug my mat out of the bottom of a box in the basement, brought it upstairs, put on my Pandora yoga station & got down to business. It was a relatively short, simple practice – exactly what I needed. And yes, my mat (as pictured) did collect  a large amount of dog hair. But I realized that having the most pristine, hair-free mat in the world won’t do me much good if it means that mat must stay carefully tucked away in a box, unused. So cheers! To hairy yoga mats & happily shaky-tired muscles & slightly quieter minds.

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One thought on “hello, yoga, my old friend

  1. Indeed! Yoga mats can be replaced with hair-free versions sometime down the road — I rarely regret making time for yoga, healthy eating, or time spent outside.

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