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Winter’s Bone = Gratitude

Being unemployed and in transition (for months) is tough on the spirit. I’ll allow myself that much. I’m probably entitled to a certain number of extra tears, whining sessions, days spent down-in-the-dumps, an anxiety attack here & there. But watching Winter’s Bone last night filled me with a depth of gratitude & hope that I had not felt in awhile, nor had I expected to feel at the outset of the film. It’s so bleak that my life sparkles & shines in comparison. I am so grateful to have been born in the place, time, and to the people I was. I think I can safely guess that I’ll never have to personally deliver any appendage of my meth-head father to the sheriff in order to keep a roof over my head. And in light of that, a little bout of unemployment & non-ideal living situation in a warm house with plenty of food & fully functioning family members seems pretty fantastic to me!

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