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dear donut,

Some people think I have really great willpower when it comes to healthy eating, or avoiding unhealthy eating anyway. Actually I just have gluten intolerance. It’s nice though because it keeps me from eating a lot of not-so-great-for-you foods. If I want a donut, I have to put some major effort into tracking one down. And even then it’s usually not very good, so it’s hard to muster the energy to try more than once every, oh, year or so.

Today I worked on my feet for 7 some hours with a vast tray of fresh donuts staring me in the face. I don’t like to picture what would have happened had my old friend gluten intolerance not been there. Now, if the bossman made rice crispie (which by unfortunate successful experimentation have proven to be gluten-free-enough for me) treats this evening, despite how un-vegan they are, I might not fare as well tomorrow. Willpower? Not so much.

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2 thoughts on “dear donut,

  1. Ross Fields on said:

    Finally checked in on your blog. I think most people comment on “peculiarities” of other’s dietary regemins because they sense how out-of-control they are with their own eating habits. If you ever take a moment (brainless one at that) to watch any of the daytime game or courtroom shows you will see how America is becoming a country of “very big” citizens. On the other hand, the program, Biggest Loser”, is actually very inspiring. It also can connect with the viewers empathetic side concerning what the participants are going through and feeling about themselves. Thanks Abby for doing this.

    • Hi R & K!
      Thanks so much for checking out the blog. Your comments have me thinking about (& missing!) your amazing & healthy dinners & the multiple ways they nourished me through my solo weeks in Portland. Solo except for the fleas, anyway (did you see that post? 🙂 ). Hope all is well with you both & your projects are coming along well!

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