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my dogs is barkin

Depicted above; the effect of spending somewhere around 10 hours on the feet today. I didn’t notice until I was driving home & the throbbing began. I have to say I enjoy moving around all day long vs. sitting at a desk. I also have to say my brother is an extremely dedicated employee & a really great boss. It’s humbling & inspiring all at the same time.

Triumph: I was excited that my very basic latte skills managed to satisfy the extremely specific tastes of a woman & her manfriend: small sugar free skim vanilla latte & a medium skim sugar free french vanilla latte at 130 degrees, respectively. Yes, the temperature was actually verbally specified on the latter. He divulged to me later that she happens to be a Caribou manager. I’m not sure whether that bodes well or not for my lattes; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Failure: Damn you, delicious rice crispie treat! You undermine my best intentions.

Other Notes in No Particular Order: Working at a coffee shop is drastically improving my small talk skills, and possibly my sales skills – in fact I’m pretty sure I can make you order that peanut butter cup mocha. Standard coffee-no-frills drinkers tend to be better tippers (and by better I mean more likely to tip, period) than foo-foo-coffee-drink drinkers in my experience thus far. People love their hot chocolate on a Saturday. Along with my feet, my espresso tamping hand is also throbbing.

PS. Just in case it was unclear, I do not tamp espresso with my feet.

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One thought on “my dogs is barkin

  1. Loved this one, you are a gentle(wo)man and a scholar. Cheers! And, 100% agree with the coffee drinkers and tipping. If someone pains over the menu to much they are not a usual coffee purchaser and thus are not familiar to the plight of baristas.

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