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This is my valentine to all those I love. Sending you good wishes, chocolate, flowers, Necco Sweethearts (blech!), hugs & maybe even a big smack (as in XOXO) on the cheek today. Thank you for making my life full & my heart swell. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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5 thoughts on “<3

  1. Ross Fields on said:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mat and Hank. We think of you guys all the time and wish you much joy and success. By this time next month we should have our website for RESULTS PARENTING, LLC up and running…plus our Facebook page, Twitter and blog. I now have the boxes checked to get your posts automatically. I thought I had it checked before…guess not…do now. All is well here in Portland.

  2. That’s awesome! Glad to hear things are coming along – just in case you’d like to, you can follow the blog on facebook now too – .

    • Ross Fields on said:

      I will check it out. You are an inspiration…making the commitment to share your thoughts and emotions. Have you placed any titles on the Venn diagram yet? Very interesting. Lately my whole day feels like what your Venn diagram looks like.

  3. Molly d on said:

    What kind of cheek do you mean! Happy vday!

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