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We celebrated a birthday this week in casa del Quake. I was instructed not to do anything special. Psha! Right! Well this year may not have been as extravagant as some of those past, but we certainly marked the occasion. Obviously, from the depiction above, I get a little preoccupied with food as key to celebration- perhaps because I try to be pretty moderate/reasonable normally with our diet (yes our… I’m totally a food czar), so when a birthday rolls around I end up thinking well…today’s an exception: I’m just not going to worry about it if Mr. Q eats a lemon bar that (I made & therefore know for a fact) has nearly 3/4 cup of sugar in it. Yikes! But perhaps that’s just human nature. If you think back through history, don’t all major celebrations generally revolve around a feast & overindulgence, or at least the risk of, at some point? Even those that begin with or involve fasting?

At any rate, we made up for the sugar coma with a delicious raw vegan dinner at Ecopolitan. Can’t wait to go back there. Service & ambiance left a teeny bit to be desired (they all seemed a little too-cool-for-school & the lighting was a bit bright & there were no finishing touches on the tables – how about a solar rechargeable tea light?), but the food more than made up for it in my mind (& tummy). Mr. Quake certainly seemed to enjoy his selections thoroughly, yet I was surprised when he asked for a to-go box. He’s normally a dedicated clean plate club member. Now that is a credit to their generous portions if ever there was one.

At any rate, I did not mean to turn this post into a restaurant review or regale you with tales of Mr. Quake’s ability to pack away food like nobody’s business. What I wanted to get at is that Mr. Quake is The Best, that I am so glad he was born, that I love the person he has since become, & I am excited to be sharing the journey of his life with him (and vice versa).

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