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farm house peek & reflection

Mr. Quake & I are big Neko Case fans. I ran across this (VT Farmhouse Tour) today & have been reflecting about how up to about a year ago, I would have been drooling with envy over this & mentally hatching a plan to move to faraway lands, drastically alter my life & livelihood to try to build my own quirky farm retreat/permanent residence. I used to harbor fantasies of becoming a goat cheese maker & self-sustaining organic farmer &/or etsy seller. It just seemed so irresistibly cooler than what I was actually doing in life. But over the last year, that impulse has largely gone, or perhaps the drastic portion of the impulse has gone. I still would love to become a moderately active etsy salesperson, dabble in organic gardening…as for the goat cheese, I’m totally over the idea of goat farming & satisfied with the occasional trip to a hobby farm &/or youtube videos of goats. As for Neko’s house, I appreciate her aesthetic & of course there are elements of her home & life that I covet to an extent…but I’m pleasantly surprised that I can look at this spread today & not have any desire to pack up & move to an ancient farmhouse in Vermont. Certain immediate aspects aside, I’m pretty dang happy with where I am, who I’m surrounded by, and where things seem to be headed.

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