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Well, as the last several posts have pointed out, I’m battling a bug right now. I haven’t had one that included a cough like this for a long time. It kept me up most of last night & I took a self-imposed exile to the living room floor so Mr. Quake could get his necessary Zs. The broken, insufficient sleep is annoying since it obviously impedes the process of kicking this. So this morning I put a call out on facebook for friends’ favorite remedies that are free of ingredients ending in “-ephedrine” (which can give one heart palpitations – something I unwittingly experienced years ago & as a result now steer clear of most OTC cold meds). So far the primary responses have been the almighty neti pot – which I am using, although with the extra hassle of pre-boiling, then cooling the water due to this lovely frightening piece on amoebas in tap water. As much as I hate my cold & cough, I hate the idea of an amoeba eating my brain even more.

The other suggestions have been largely of the hot toddy variety. Now this is something I have honestly never tried. I’ve always reasoned that alcohol tends to weaken the immune system & therefore I should steer clear of it. But I’m curious enough now that several people have suggested it to maybe go pick up some brandy & give it a whirl. If nothing else, it sounds a little delicious. I steer away from whiskey since brown liquors & I do not have a bit of a troubled past (not of an addictive variety, simply that I don’t fully trust them to be gluten free due to the pounding they have given my gut on the rare historical occasions I have tried them).

Honey has also been suggested. I’ve been trying to cut way back on sugars – other than fruit – lately, but if this helps with the coughing, it’s probably well worth putting that plan on the back burner for now.

What are your go-to remedies for colds, coughs, & sinus congestion?


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