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the value of suckage

This post at Crazy Sexy Life really resonated with me today. My own blog is actually an exercise in this very notion. I may have mentioned this before, but one of my focal areas in my undergraduate art studies was (like the author of the aforementioned post) fibers. Friends & family have labeled me an “artist” throughout my life, but one moment that has stuck with me in vivid detail was the day my fibers teacher sat down on the other end of the bench as I was dressing my loom & looked at me & said “You have the soul of an artist. I can just see it. You need to keep creating.” After school I stopped creating – at least in the sense of creating with any regularity or dedication. I knitted and it was artistic in the sense that I experimented with knitting; I also collected art supplies & equipment that I never actually ended up using. Then I allowed a series of big life changes to become obstacles to instituting creative practice & I largely just stopped. I still thought/think about art & creating things all the time. But up until recently the thinking never became doing. It was just empty wishing that I could be as good at (insert specific art or craft here) as this or that person, deciding I never could/would be, then moping & being dissatisfied with myself & my life. Because I had this vision of what a perfect artistic life was & I knew I could not attain that, I stopped trying. As Ms. Barr points out, the ego can really get in the way of the soul.

Now I’m really trying to bust out of that BS mindset (if you will pardon my bluntness) & this blog & these drawings are that attempt. I’m still in the midst of the previously mentioned life changes that I could very well allow to be obstacles to any form of creative endeavor, but I’m trying instead to do what I can with what I have where I am. It’s awesome! It sucks! I love it!!!

What things do you love enough to be willing to suck at them openly & unabashedly?

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One thought on “the value of suckage

  1. Haha I love this. I feel like I suck at painting and drawing a lot. I need to go back to embracing that suckage and love it. I tend to compare myself to how I used to draw in college and how I just can’t do the same things anymore — it’s interesting how art styles can change over time for people.

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