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I am a woman of substantial calves. But not proportionately so. As a teenager, trying to learn to ski was a nightmare. If the ski boot fit my foot, I could rarely latch it shut around my leg. I eventually found a pair with a sort of ratchet system that I could just clamp down on the loosest setting without completely cutting off my circulation.

In more recent years, for reasons of either fashion or function, I have tried many many different boots, searching for ones that will accommodate both my small feet & large lower legs. I know, I know, you’re thinking just go get some plus-sized boots & shut up already!  Unfortunately, I have also tried those. They are too big. I measured my calves at one point – one is 15.5″ & the other is 15.75″. Plus sized boots generally start at 16-17″. Regular sized boots generally end at 14″ or 15″… So my choices seem to be either wildly floppy boots with large gaps, or that lovely sausage-effect (Don’t even talk to me about those all stretch ones.) I has a sad.

My biggest problem (besides the calves, which I’m honestly pretty grateful for – as my g’ma always reminds me I should be, as I inherited them from her: They used to call me “legs” in high school, she likes to remind me) is that I just can’t seem to shake the desire to find the holy grail of a boot that will both fit my freakishly muscular calves & agree with my fashion sense.

If any other non-plussed (ha ha), big-calved women out there have any advice, I’d love to hear it!

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2 thoughts on “dreamboots

  1. I’m also in between regular and wide-calf boots. Mainly I just have to try on a bunch. I’ve had good luck with my Nicole Ranger Riding Boots!


    They’re sold out in most sizes now, but I bet they’ll bring them back for fall. I’m also very happy with my Gentle Souls boots (pricey, but worth it when you can find them on sale). They’re very comfortable, to boot (ha ha).

  2. Thanks, Jodi! Seriously if I can find a pair in a classic style that fit my legs, I’d happily pay a pretty penny for them. I mean if I take care of them they will last forever, so it seems justifiable. Thank you so much for the tips! I’ll definitely check those out.

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