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for the love of a straw

So…I’ve worked really hard to do away with plastic water bottles, cups, dishes, etc. But somehow, since I started working at the coffee shop, I’ve rediscovered how much I enjoy drinking my water through a straw. Now I know there are some lower-plastic work arounds here… I could get a big canning jar, drill a hole through one of those bpa-free plastic lids, stick a stainless steel or glass straw through it & voila! But seeing as our drill bits, canning jars & lids are all still packed away & I do not yet own glass or stainless steel drinking straws, I went the easier, plasticky route. I went to Target & got a bpa-free Aladdin drinking cup…because I was getting fed up with myself for constantly using a new plastic cup & straw every shift at the coffee shop. Now of course I appreciate that this product is bpa-free, but in my mind it’s only a matter of time before they discover the next super toxic component of all the bpa-free plastics that are out there & then of course I will kick myself for not digging through my boxes before wasting the resources to obtain this new plastic thing. But in the meantime it has already saved 4 plastic cups from the landfill and/or recycling. So it may have already made up for itself… And also in the meantime I rationalize that drinking all this extra water is so healthy that it offsets any possible unknown negative impact of the plastic itself. Right? Right?

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