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what up, immune system?

So…as you’re only too well aware, I came down with that cold thing like 2 weeks ago. Yesterday was the first day I finally felt confident that it was done & over. This morning I woke up with a newly sore throat & my left sinus has become progressively blocked throughout the day. WHAT UP, IMMUNE SYSTEM?! I seriously don’t want to start my new job next week & immediately earn a reputation as the office virus/germ distributor.

I apologize if I sound whiny. I’m just preoccupied with the novelty of this because I truly don’t get sick often or severely… It’s weird!

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2 thoughts on “what up, immune system?

  1. I’ll bet it has to do with working at the coffee shop! So many people, so many germs, especially when you’re handling money, etc. Kind of like when kids start daycare…

    Speedy recovery!

  2. Thanks, Jodi! I hope I can kick this one fast, too. Two days left before my first day at the new job…

    It sounds dumb, but I did not even think of those factors! I bet you are totally right. In addition, it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve used a communal computer (keyboard) & touch screen cash register, as well as all the handles on the equipment & everything, too…

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