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Mr. Quake has some great cousins. We had all tried to get together for several weeks, but due to work schedules & a variety of poorly timed virus attacks, we postponed until this weekend. So finally, last night the stars aligned & we were able to get together & go bowling out in the suburbs, thanks to a gift card won at work. It was really fun & provided some interesting people watching, too. I haven’t lived in the suburbs for quite a few years & it’s a strange culture to revisit. While most of it was pretty bland & “white bread,” so to speak, there were pockets of diversity interspersed throughout the alley. There was a boisterous group of women next to us from India who several times launched their bowling balls high into the air over the lane. They also gathered so many new additional balls (including several of the exact same weight & size) that at one point a returning ball knocked another ball off of the corral with such force that I had to jump aside & block it with my foot to avoid injury.

I started off with a strike & primarily went downhill from there. Ha! Overall I came in 3rd. Mr. Quake graciously took last place. But of course, none of us was there to attain bowling glory. It was just a fun way to spend time together. And, of course, a great excuse for endless Big Lebowski references.

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