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frozen dates + peanuts = yum

I recently asked my beloved Like’rs on FB to suggest ideas of things they would like me to illustrate because I have felt a little short on inspiration & creative energy as of late…what with starting a new job & actually having my brain engaged for most of the day for a change. Lauren, a friend & awesome food blogger based in Portland, ME suggested that I draw a snack I have been enjoying lately. Can do! Lately my favorite dessert/snack has been frozen dates with peanuts. Freeze gigantor Costco dates, bite a hole in the top of a date, remove pit, replace with 2-3 peanuts. Keep biting the date until it’s gone (which will be only too soon). Repeat 2x if you want to maintain any sense of moderation…3x if you just can’t not have one more.

Or, if you are Mr. Quake, skip all those steps, dump it all in your mouth at once & spit out pit at the end. Also, if you are Mr. Quake, snicker schoolboyishly at the admittedly je ne sais quoiGeorgia O’Keefe? quality to the image above. I guess it balances out the previous post (???).

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