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oH hAi!

Dang…kinda dropped the ball on my resolution, huh? April 22 was the last post…and here we are on July 6. Sorry, self. Sorry, audience. Here we are again, though, so: Cheers!

Things that are occupying my time lately:

a) Trying to manage a shockingly huge CSA we signed on for.

b) Unpacking boxes.

c) Scouring the internets & thrift stores & garage sales for furniture. (Because I’m both too cheap & too picky to go get a bunch of matchy-matchy stuff at a “real” furniture store.)

d) Running (as always, but lately including some 10+ milers which takes a little extra time for prep & recovery.)

e) Acupuncture.

f) Summer fun.

g) Hydrating, sweating, bathing, laundering.

h) Oh that little 40 hours a week thing I call “my job.”

i) Setting up utility things, trying to take care of things I know nothing about such as: a lawn, a broken washing machine, uncaulked bathtubs.

j) Massive, unending tumbleweeds of dog undercoat.

k) Additional tasks as assigned.

Addendum. Latest project: Stop swearing. Anyone tried and/or had success w/ this? Any tips? Esp. for a hot-tempered Taurus of Irish/German descent?

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