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Well hello there & thanks for visiting my blog.  My broad, rather formless resolution for 2010 (& 2011, & 2012) is to try out some new stuff & not worry so much if it doesn’t knock everyone’s socks off, make me a million dollars, or win any shiny medals–you know, subscribe to the experience for experience’s sake sort of mentality.  To start doing rather than just thinking about doing & finding myriad reasons why not before I even start.

So here I am.  And there you are.  I’m pretty sure that’s how things are supposed to work, so we’re on track so far, eh?!   I can’t tell you with any certainty yet what I’m going to write about, but vaguely, my plan is to share some of my ideas & thoughts about various new artistic/crafty endeavors I am hoping to undertake & maybe a little introspection along the way… just post stuff daily (eep! did I really just say daily?!) & see where it takes me. And I’d love to hear what you have to say about it- so comment-on!

Thanks for visiting, please stop by again soon.  Cheers!


One thought on “Abbs-who?

  1. so is this where I can come for all your impressive link mining?

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